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    Best of Agro Education

    To empower farming by providing digital platforms and
    other services to earn maximum profits.
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    To create a worldwide identity for farmers

    To establish ourselves as one of the best solution providers for all Agrotourism centers
    in India with planning, innovating ideas and strategies.
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    Develop farming, rural and tribal communities

    If you are looking for Agrotourism consultants, Agrotourism
    trips and/or workshops in India. Join us !
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    Explore Indian Culture & Heritage with us

    Indian culture is built upon centuries of
    history and heritage, making it one of the oldest and fascinating in the world.
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    A Journey of yours through your soul

    A sense of satisfaction you will feel after making yoga a part of your life.
    Learn to win over the senses through Yoga - A blessing for a healthy life.
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    Essential Balance, Massage and Wellness.

    Every body needs balance
    Feel alive again. Feel divine with our heavenly Ayurvedic & Yogic therapies.


AARM LLC, established in 2018 (USA) is a US education-based company owned by a Non-Resident Indian. It has the privilege to know the two countries with two different cultures. The company is supported by three strong pillars of success: Employees, Teamwork and A big heart. AARM LLC gets its strength from the strong network of the employees working under it and people who are supporting the company for its noble cause of promoting & helping farmers in India to get them familiar with modern tech & education in order to have a better understanding of modern & old-fashioned farming practices and their importance. The company believes this might help farmers get more profit from farming.

The company has evolved as a toddler but has gone through certain experiences. Its focus is completely laid on education, environment, recreation and “farming-with an organic and sustainable” approach. The idea of combining them all had developed when the owner of the company recalled the past days she spent on her farms, back in India.

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Your Experience, Our Tales!

Agrotour with AARM LLC

Tourism is a hobby a passion, a profession that introduces you to a new world, refreshes your mind and gives you the title of a ‘traveller’.

Indian Culture & Heritage

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country...

Ayurveda - Yoga & Science

The Indian culture, practices, and traditions emphasize the Vedas, considered to be the oldest texts in the world...

Ayurveda - Yoga & Food

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
~Ayurvedic Proverb

Ayurvedic Cooking

Cooking, the necessity. Passion for few, profession as well. It’s all about the delicious recipes you can make...

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

After regular tiring work schedule, you often crave for a comforting massage therapy to keep the nerves warm and active.

Ayurveda & Panchkarma

The ancient practice of healing and rejuvenation is Panchakarma. The treatment is based on maintaining harmony and balance within mind...


India is a country that welcomes millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The destinations attract tourists due to its heavenly...

Reason to Choose Us

  • Making Meaningful Connections

    Experience the rhythms of village life with responsible holidays. Great environment in the mystic Uttarakhand - A Himalayan States. "You are our special guest."
  • Perfect Short Breaks

    Escape to the heart of evergreen agrofarms and breathtaking sceneries of the Himalayas for short breaks this year. Against the dramatic backdrop of the great high peaks, enjoy inspirational walking and hiking from village to village.
  • Best of Agro Education

    Strategically designed tour packages at competitive prices. Professional and experienced guides and expertise with modern technology highly personalized and professional services.
  • Quality Service

    Professional Guidance to ensure smooth and safe travel. High quality diverse services with warmth and personal touch. Best possible facilities made available to our guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is meant by Agrotourism

Agro-tourism refers to a part of the tourism sector that focuses on agriculture and farming systems. Spreadingto peoplethe working of farms or other Agri operations for hands-on experience, educationand otheractivitiesinvolved. Agro-tourism encompasses a wide variety of practices and provides wider scope to interact with the traditional life of farmers and their culture.

The Need for Agrotourism

Nature is an open opportunity for learning without any closures. If nature is observed, you can explore the treasures which are hidden in it and get to know it in further depth. India is a diverse country, has a majority of the population depending on Agriculture, and people get to learn more from it. The population belonging to urban areas has increased rapidly and thus the people are unaware of lush green acres of field, traditional plough and manual efforts.

Agri-tourism gives a real essence of what real farming looks like and the people who work behind it, the farmers.