About The Organization

AARM LLC, established in 2018 (USA) is an Indo-US education-based company owned by a Non-Resident Indian. It has the privilege to know the two countries with two different cultures. The company is supported by three strong pillars of success: Employees, Teamwork, and A big heart. AARM LLC gets its strength from the strong network of employees working under it and people who are supporting the company for its noble cause of promoting and helping farmers in India to get them familiar with useful modern technology and the current research to have a better understanding of modern and old fashion farming practices and their importance. The company believes that this may help the farmers to get more profit from farming.

The company has evolved as a toddler but has gone through certain experiences. Its focus is completely laid on education, environment, recreation, and “farming with an organic and sustainable” approach without ignoring conventional and integrated farming. The idea of combining them all had developed when the owner of the company recalled the past days she spent on her farms, back in India.

There on her farm, she found that the important elements of farming and education were not linked. She immigrated to the USA as a newlywed woman and gained the status of a permanent resident of the USA. She started studying “soil science” and “organic and sustainable farming” a few years after she arrived in the US. She felt the need to fill up the missing links between agriculture, the modern research in the field of farming back in India. Any individual who is interested in the world of agriculture should have hands-on experience of rural culture, food, traditional knowledge of farming, awareness of climate change, and so on.


The components of farming and education etc mentioned above were scattered in fragments that were not sufficient to gain enough practical knowledge in India. She felt a change was needed in the system. She gained experience from the farming systems of both countries. She observed the culture; both urban and rural, in the USA and India as well. After a great deal of careful consideration and thinking of her passion for farming, education, fun, food, and travel, she decided to combine them all.

Dedicated to change, she took education, environment, recreation, and “farming-with an organic and sustainable approach” together with the hope to transform the world into a better place than how we found it, without any compromise over quality.


The company provides top-notch educational tours/excursions/spiritual tours/thrilling vacation tours in the Indian states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The company offers internships in various fields, such as organic and sustainable farming in the hills, the environmental effect on farming, the soil, and organic farming in Uttarakhand.

The crops, flora, and fauna in the state are no less. These can be the greatest opportunity for anyone but especially for students, professors, and scientists/researchers

The company also provides internships in the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda and Science, Religion and philosophy of India, Ayurveda and the concept of food, Ayurvedic cooking, and health.

Along with the tours and internships, the company offers its guests to see, learn, and experience the real India through its culture, traditions, heritage, and wonderful hospitality.

The company serves its guests with perks of:

  • Boarding and lodging, Wi-Fi.
  • Great food with Indian drinks.
  • Trips to great sites and many other fun activities for all age groups.
  • Skill development and new experience.

The company cordially welcomes anyone with curiosity who wishes to visit India.

Future Goals

  • AARM LLC picturizes its upcoming years in doing beneficial work in sustainable farming, practicing permaculture, mixed farming, agroforestry, multiple cropping, etc.
  • The company also plans to work on biofuels in the future. Growing into a reliable and trusted platform for interns, researchers, and farmers who wish to gain experience in the mentioned categories in the educational world as well as farming.
  •  While the company values science, it also appreciates the joys of life. So, let's have fun with travel, traditional Indian food and drinks, explore exotic sites, and enjoy a lovely and comfortable stay.
  • Last but not the least, when it comes to quality, AARM LLC does not compromise.

Hope we see you soon!