Agrotourism & Internships

The best way to perceive a country is through its diverse farming practices. Bharat (India), the incredible country is widely known for its agriculture and acres of land devoted to farming practices. In this advanced world, the nation never fails to impress the world with its traditional hard-on techniques & cordially welcoming guests from all over. The company offers agro-tourism in the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh in North India.

Our agrotourism is for everyone, but especially for those researchers, scientists, and students who are distinctively engrossed in knowing, experiencing, and learning about agriculture in the two major states of India in terms of history, art, culture, food, and practices.

The agrotourism will be for two weeks. The guests will get the opportunity to visit farms, meet the farmers, get introduced to the traditional farming systems, and exchange knowledge and experience. The guests will be provided meals with the farmers in a traditional rural setup, sometimes in the open field, sometimes under the thatched roof (as per convenience) in the concluding session.

Note: The duration of internships will vary depending on semesters. Please contact us to schedule an internship with us.