Educational Activities

Indian Farming

Above 70% of the Indian occupation is based on farming. Farming finds various scopes all over the nation. The company prioritizes the students and interns who are eager to learn and innovate while learning from the roots of the traditional agriculture. We always focus on the development of knowledge of interns through hands-on practical field experience.

Internship Topics (Indian Farming)

1. A brief history of Indian farming.
2. Organic & Sustainable farming.
3. Environmental effect on farming.
4. The soil & farming.
5. The crop cultivation.

Internship Topics (Indian Culture & Heritage)

1. A brief cultural history of India.
2. Indian religion and philosophy.
3. Yoga, Ayurveda and Science.
4. Ayurvedic food (cooking) & health.
5. The Six Schools of Indian philosophy.


The above-mentioned components will be elaborated on and discussed soon after your internship is confirmed via email.