What is meant by Agro tourism

Agro-tourism refers to a part of the tourism sector that focuses on agriculture and farming systems. It engages tourists with the activities on farms and other Agri operations along with hands-on experience, education, and recreation as well.

The sector encompasses a wide variety of practices and provides extended scope to interact with the traditional life of farmers and their culture.

The Need for Agro Tourism

Nature is an open opportunity for learning without any closures. It needs to be observed and explored. So, Agro tourism provides tourists with unique rural experiences that fulfill both educational and recreational purposes.

Agro-tourism gives an essence of what real farming looks like and the people who work behind it, the farmers.

Importance of Agro tourism

Agrotourism is an education-based excursion that engages students/tourists to agricultural operations and farm activities with hand on training opportunities.The farmers directly demonstrate the activities done on a farm. The sector allows the farmers to directly interact regarding the products grown on the farm, beneficial to tourists and/or visitors.

Why do farmers engage in Agro tourism

Agro tourism generates an additional income and revenue to the agriculture sector. This is beneficial to the country's farming system as it lifts the per capita income of individual farmers. Farmers engaging with agrotourism can directly interact with researchers, students, and social communities that enhance their knowledge and techniques of farming.

It is a boost to the agriculture and tourism sectorof the country.