Yoga and Ayurveda Education

Yoga, the art of living that connects your body to your soul, is a channel toward physical and mental well-being, whereas Ayurveda connects yoga to your diet.

AARM LLC brings you a golden opportunity to learn the yogic and ayurvedic combo. It connects your body, soul, and diet, which helps you overall.

We provide you with practical and theoretical education from our experts and guides. Get an opportunity to learn Panchakarma massage, Ayurvedic cooking, Ashtanga Yoga (Eight limbs of yoga), and Ayurveda theory based on energy and food concepts. The soothing experience awaits you.

The package also provides you with thrills and adventures guided by experts. Get a sightful visit to one of the seven wonders, the mesmerizing Taj Mahal.

Food, stay, activities, free wi-fi, trips to heritage sites, and transportation facilities are provided. An expert-guided pathway to fitness and better health session that everyone craves is waiting for you.